Taste and See

Food is always an important part in learning about a new culture. Here, there are only two things I refuse to even try – canda (cow skin, think: pork rinds that are boiled, not fried) and fowl foot (chicken feet). Everything else has been tried and tested, and only a small number were not enjoyed […]

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The 4 Amigos (plus me)

These 4 guys. 2 work for my organization full-time. 2 are with us as volunteers until they complete university. All 4 are closer than brothers. All 4 translate for our American teams, and to this day, they take turns translating for me until my Krio reaches 100% (I’m getting closer everyday!). All 4 love to […]

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When in Rome.

I’m coming up on 9 months of living in Sierra Leone, and this morning I realized how different my daily life looks now. Early on I realized I was going to experience life similar to what my grandmothers experienced, and their mothers before them (and their mothers before them). No more throwing my clothes in […]

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Name changers

Principal: “Do you have a group name for these boys?” Me: “A group name?” Principal: “Yes, how do you call these boys? Do you call them ‘street boys’?” Me: “I don’t think I’ve ever called them street boys. They aren’t street boys.” Principal: “Okay, so what do you call them?” Daniel: “Sometimes we call them […]

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