When we think we know better

Almost 10 years ago, I was attending a bible study with a group of women. All were older than me. All had been married. All had been divorced. Some had been married again, and even divorced again. These are the groups of women I always want to be in a bible study with. They’ve experienced […]

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Taste and See

Food is always an important part in learning about a new culture. Here, there are only two things I refuse to even try – canda (cow skin, think: pork rinds that are boiled, not fried) and fowl foot (chicken feet). Everything else has been tried and tested, and only a small number were not enjoyed […]

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The 4 Amigos (plus me)

These 4 guys. 2 work for my organization full-time. 2 are with us as volunteers until they complete university. All 4 are closer than brothers. All 4 translate for our American teams, and to this day, they take turns translating for me until my Krio reaches 100% (I’m getting closer everyday!). All 4 love to […]

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When in Rome.

I’m coming up on 9 months of living in Sierra Leone, and this morning I realized how different my daily life looks now. Early on I realized I was going to experience life similar to what my grandmothers experienced, and their mothers before them (and their mothers before them). No more throwing my clothes in […]

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Name changers

Principal: “Do you have a group name for these boys?” Me: “A group name?” Principal: “Yes, how do you call these boys? Do you call them ‘street boys’?” Me: “I don’t think I’ve ever called them street boys. They aren’t street boys.” Principal: “Okay, so what do you call them?” Daniel: “Sometimes we call them […]

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